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With a painting career spanning three decades, nationally acclaimed artist D. Morgan embraces the future with new products and new directions.

D. Morgan cannot remember a time when she did not yearn to be an artist. “I have no memory of ever wanting to do anything else,” she says. “For years, I’ve had this burning desire to paint, and today I remain just as excited about my painting career.” Her artistic style and personality are a delightful combination of both her parents. A strong southern woman raised in Georgia, she lovingly refers to her parents as ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mother.’ “I have this part of me that is my mother, a city girl. Mother is phenomenal! She is alive and vibrant, and continues to drive and prepare meals for herself.” Morgan says her father “had the biggest heart of any human being I’ve ever known. He had the patience of Job. Daddy was like a father and grandfather to me, because, like a grandparent, he explained things to me, and he never judged or was quick to criticize.”


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