• My Son (10″x20″)


    I remember when you were a little boy, an extension of my very being.

    My every movement belonged to you.

    One evening, when I called you to supper, you came to the table all grown up.

    Where did all the in-between go?

    Suddenly, I was to let you go.

    Now, I should always call you ‘my son’, but…

    in my heart, you’ll always be..

    my little boy.

  • Now and Ever After (30″x18″)


    In our home Round our hearth, There is love and laughter. With God’s bright Angels here to keep us, Now and ever after.

  • That Precious Little Boy (10″x20″)


    Tattered little teddy bear looks so lonesome on the stair.

    Rocky horse still standing tall waits for you just down the hall.

    All the other playthings rest within the toy treasure chest.

    Little childhood play is done.

    You’ve become a man, my son.

    — Yet in the long ago and far away, there still lives….

    That Precious Little Boy At Play.

  • The Way We Were (20″x30″)


    The way we were when last I looked, ten thousand meals or more were cooked, our little ones climbed the stairs, jumped in bed and said their prayers. Just as far as I can see are miles and miles of memories.When all is quiet and day is done I count my blessings one by one.

  • Youth Had It’s Way (5″x5″)


    Youth had it’s way with you and me–
    but the best for us
    … Is yet to be.